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Clean & Sleek Design

Our professional mobile application developers provide you result oriented, easy to navigate and performance driven mobile applications along with clean, sleek and visually appealing design.

Ultra Responsive

We can build resposive hybrids of websites and mobile applications

Magic Touch

We always have a way of making your software innovative by adding push notifications, social networking and even business solutions.

Dedicated Support

We give you our personal information where you can always be in contact with us.

The Work Flow

The Ideation Process

Got a great idea for a new app or simply need help improving your existing app? Our mobile app development team has the expertise to flesh out your idea and turn an app dream into reality. The quality of a finished Android or iOS product is directly influenced by the quality of creative input.

Defining the Project Scope

An app development roadmap is created by combining aspects of business needs with a well laid out implementation approach. Poorly planned apps often result in disenfranchised users leading to lack of excitement and low engagement levels.

App Design

After the scope of the project is defined we set about drawing out wireframes to map the user experience in detail. Once the user experience is mapped out our user interface (UI) designers begin creating the artwork, core graphics, and set the color scheme, developing a custom style and theme specifically suited to match the app’s persona.


The software development team spends a significant amount of time setting up the app environment, SDK’s and API’s, as well as writing complex custom code. We ensure that every app delivers a fast, fully functional, and seamless experience for the end user. Setting up the app environment Programming back-end API’s Integration of SDK’s Graphical user interface integration Ensuring platform scalability

Testing and Debugging

We furiously test each app throughout the development process to ensure speedy app performance, a seamless user experience, as well as quickly finding and fixing any bugs that are discovered. A thorough test of app performance and functionality takes place before submitting to the app store.


Submitting your app to the iTunes app store or GooglePlay is an art form in itself. We work closely with you to ensure that your marketing material, graphics, and app assets are ready for public launch. App submissions to the iTunes App Store can take up to 10 business days before being approved for public distribution. Android apps submitted to the GooglePlay app store are usually available to the public within a few hours of being submitted.


  • Buddy app development got back to us quickly and had a high sense of urgency to help us meet our date. Buddy app development was helpful and reachable their technical expertise was solid.
  • They have very competent iOS developers who have a rare talent: they deliver projects on time and on budget.
  • They worked with us on a very personal level from start to finish. They even worked with us one on one for using our control panel.

Apps We Developed!




The Distinguished

We have built apps that have been rated with in the top ten. We turn your idea into reality.

Highly Responsive

Our apps will function on all iOS and android devices.


We have hundreds of varieties of screens that will make your app stand out from others.

cPanel Included

We can provide you with a push notification control panel and a control panel to control screens in your app.

Latest Software

We build your app with the latest iOS core and the Latest android software


If support is needed we can come see you face to face and by phone or email.


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